Hosted Video Services, Hosted Surveillance

Servers and Facility - Reliability and Security.....

To make sure our customer's data is reliable and secure, we are partnered with some of the world's most reliable infrastructure providers to ensure the highest standards are maintained at all times. If you want to know the details, read on.

Hosted Video Services reliability and security:

The Hosted Video system balances loads across multiple servers with redundancy at every level. The reliability of the system is a result of the mutual, interactive functioning of both the servers and the cameras. If a server becomes unavailable, the cameras in the system will simply connect to another instead. The camera will always keep trying to connect to the servers, in sequence, until a successful connection has been established. And if a connection cannot be established, the system will alert the user that something is amiss.

Your video is safe over the internet.
The connection between cameras and servers is secure.  Authentication and all communication between the cameras and the server are encrypted and signed using a camera-specific key, uniquely generated for each camera's interaction with a specific server.

Your video is safe even from us. Our employees and system operators have no access to customer video.

And, just in case anything should need attention, the site is staffed 24/7

Data center reliability:

The data center is fully equipped with redundant power, back-up generators, and cooling systems.  Not only the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems, but the entire electrical system has built-in redundancy to guarantee continuous operation. The overall system is N+1 redundant, including each component within the parallel electrical systems. An N+2 redundancy HVAC design provides appropriate airflow, temperature and humidity control.  Moreover, there are state-of-the-art environmental and fire protection systems.

Network performance and reliability:

No matter how large the Hosted Video Service grows, it will never outgrow the data center's capacity. We sit on a reliable, high-performance international network that has full network redundancy with multiple carriers and backbone diversity.  With multiple 10 gigabit connections to several carriers and BGP4 optimized routing, the facility can provide the rock solid reliability and redundancy our customers require. Facility capacity is instantly scalable to over 150Gb/s throughput.

Data Center Security:

No keys here. There are biometric hand geometry scanners, and tightly-controlled customer access via a security lobby with an intricate, interlocked mantrap system. There are many layers of security to go through before anyone has access to our equipment.
  1. Building Security will require a prox card swipe or signature.  Government-issued photo ID required.
  2. An initial biometric hand geometry scan is required behind steel and bulletproof glass door.
  3. FastPass with Photo or a valid work visit ticket is required to pass the security office, which is staffed 24/7/365.
  4. Biometric hand geometry scan is required to enter the "man trap" behind steel and bulletproof glass door. Another is required to exit.
  5. Biometric hand geometry scan required for access to data center floor.
  6. Biometric hand geometry scan required for access to cages.
  7. Self-powered kinetic locks on the closed cabinets with individual codes.
The facility is covered by over 300 cameras, covering nearly every square foot, starting before you even enter the lobby. There is a 30 day keep on this footage. There are even cameras inside the cages.