Hosted Video Services

VCR → DVR → NVR ... and now HVR™

Clear and Simple. HVR™ is changing security one camera at a time.

Video surveillance has evolved.  At first, video from analog cameras was stored on tape.  Finding a desired stored event took hours, and the tapes would wear down quickly.  Then came the DVR (digital video recorder), which digitized the video and stored it on a hard drive for more manageable storage. Advancing technology provided more efficient compression, better seek functionality, and security measures. Eventually, network capabilities were added to some DVRs and IP-based products began to emerge. The invention of network cameras (by Axis Communications) allowed for the development of fully digital systems that receive digital images/video streams over a network and record them on a hard disk in digital format.  The NVR (Network Video Recorder) was born.  Progressive scan imaging improved video quality, and the ability to view and manage digital video surveillance over standard data networks greatly reduced cabling problems and costs. But such systems could be expensive and difficult to maintain. Accessing such systems over the internet required proper configuration and maintenance by network professionals.

The HVR™ platform takes this evolution one step further. As a "hosted" application, there is no special software for the end user to install. The web applications are hosted on secure servers and all user interaction with the system takes place from our website. The One-click cameras made by Axis Communications are designed to auto discover our servers, greatly reducing installation time.

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Local Storage and High Resolution recording with Iomega NAS.

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