VPS 1500 surveillance system with built-in wireless networkingVPS 1500

The VPS 1500 Hybrid Surveillance System is designed for use in sheltered areas without extreme temperatures. The VPS 1500 can be ordered for 1, 2 or 4 camera feeds.  The VPS 1500 has built-in wireless networking, optionally you can order 4G cell modem, WiMax or satellite modem. For more than 4 cameras try our VPS 3500.


The ViewPoint Server - VPS uses motion detection to capture images. Video is saved locally and off-site, accessible via the internet. Motion alerts can be sent from anywhere in the world as a Text- message, e-mail, FTP, or network alert.  Two way audio is optionally available.

Built for Remote Administration and Access

Remote administration and access is an integral part of the VPS. Software updates and all configuration and administration functions are performed via the internet. Access to live and stored video requires only an internet connection and a web browser with Java or JavaScript capability (which includes many mobile phones). Access is secure and password protected.

Alerts and Notifications

Notifications  can be sent via Text-message, e-mail or FTP. Alerts can optionally contain an image of the activity. Notifications are determined by motion detections, which are controlled by sensitivity settings, areas of no interest can be masked. Alert can also be sent on loss of camera feed. 

Hybrid Camera Control

VPS 1500 supports up to 4 cameras simultaneously; analog CCTV, Network IP, Megapixel, and PTZ Cameras, which can be local or connected through the network. Cameras can be recorded and viewed at resolutions up to camera maximum resolution. PTZ cameras can also be set in an auto-tracking mode with the VPS controlling the camera to track motion. Each camera feed is independent and can have its own control such as resolution, frame rates, sensitivity setting, masking, and separate alert setting. VPS system utilizes proprietary compression technology to reduce data storage, which allows for faster uploads of data to off-site storage. VPS system uses motion detection to detect and record actual motion events for reduced data storage. The system can be set to record images before and after each event for optimum reviewing and maximize data effectiveness.


VPS Features

Multiple Inputs

1 to 4 cameras at full resolution

• Analog CCTV

• Network IP cameras

• Megapixel cameras

• PTZ (auto-tracking option

Remote Access

• Recorded Images via Internet

• Live images via Internet

• Built-in remote administration

Faster Upload

• Proprietary compression

• Reduced data storage


built-in wireless with options

• 4G Cellular modem

• WiMax

• Wireless IP up to 30 miles

Event Alert Notifications

• Text-messaging

• E-mail - images can be attached



Technical Specifications


Windows® XP Embedded


USB 2.0 (7 ports)

Serial Port

RS-232 (2 ports)


10/100/1000 Ethernet Controller RJ-45

Wireless adapter

802.11G / 802.11B compliant


Height 62 mm (2.5")

Width 192 mm (7.6") 

Depth 210 mm (8.5")

Weight 3.6 kg (8 lbs)

Operating Temperatures

 –10°C to +45°C (+14°F to +115°F)




Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


Matched wireless AP

Access Point matched to built-in wireless

Wireless Connections

WiMax, 4G Modem, satellite
modem, or long distance wireless
system (up to 30 miles).

Input / Output

Up to 6 inputs and 6 output @ 5A 230VAC


12-14V DC
Power Options:
Automotive Power Supply 6-25V DC
Solar Panel power system
Wind Power system

Two way Audio


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