The quality of the cameras is the MOST IMPORTANT item in any Surveillance System!!

You can buy the best Surveillance System available, but if you install low quality cameras the System will give you poor quality images!!

A surveillance system is only as good as its eyes. So when you install a surveillance system why not get the best images you can.

Points to look at for image quality:


  1. Lines of resolution; minimum of 480 lines, for recognition quality images. 600 Lines is better!
  2. Auto-iris lens; will keep the sensor from burning out after a few months in the sun. (Outdoors)
  3. Area lighting; is there enough light or do you need IR lighting for better night vision?
  4. WDR (wide dynamic range) cameras; to see detail with a brightly lit background.
  5. High frame rate (if IP camera).

The FBI has found that the images captured by most surveillance systems are of no use in identifying a person; normally the problem is that the cameras are not focused, are blocked, or are of such poor quality you can not see a clear face in the image (only a blur).  If you want to learn more about camera quality, try this link to a FBI video on CCTV quality.

For the best cameras, take a look in our store. Most of our CCTV cameras are 600 Lines of resolution, and most are auto-iris (this keeps the image from burning out after a few months).



600 line camera 600 line dome Axis P-1344-e Axis PTZ
600 line IR Bullet
600 line IR Dome
Axis P1344-e
1280 x 800 pixel
Axis Q6032-e
35x optical - PTZ

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Axis Megapixel IP cameras will give you the best image you can get!!


  1. Their digital technology provides much greater resolution than traditional analog cameras—up to 5 megapixels compared to the scant maximum of about 0.4 megapixels you get from analog
  2. They cover a larger area and provide superior digital zoom capabilities.
  3. They provide rich detail (such as facial features or the numbers on a license plate) rather than blurry, hard-to-read images. Their ability to read license plates makes IP network cameras ideal in parking lots and gas stations where they can capture plate information on every vehicle that enters and exits, providing an excellent ID for security.

hd cameras
Comparison of analog quality picture quality to digital 1.3 megapixel camera.



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