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What is a Hybrid DVR?

A Hybrid DVR works with all types of cameras; network IP, Megapixel, PTZ (Point, Tilt and Zoom) and analog CCTV cameras (these connect with a BNC connector). Most DVRs only work with CCTV cameras, they do not work with network IP cameras.

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Do I have to watch 24 hours of recordings to find out when it happened?

No, the software only looks for some sort of action like a person walking across a parking lot. Once the software detects motion, the software actually starts the recording. Once the motion stops, the software will stop gathering images and return to pure surveillance. The system can be set to record before and after any motion, default recording time is 5 seconds before and after.

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Some cameras see at night. How is the Quality?

Proper camera selection is vital to any application. Yes there are many cameras that can see quite well at night. There are several points to selecting the proper camera. If you need to monitor an area that is far from a light sources, the image quality will decrease with distance. The better solution is to place a remote camera closer to the coverage area. If night vision is important be sure that your cameras have True Day/Night image sensors. You can also get cameras with High-Power Infrared emitters, or use external Infrared emitters with True Day/Night cameras.

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The VPS1502 is for 2 cameras, but I only need 1.

The VPS1502 Surveillance System can operate 1 camera as well, but the software allows 2 cameras.

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Do I have to load any add-on or ActiveX program to view the ViewPoint System?

You DO NOT need to install anything, the only requirement is a browser that supports Java or JavaScript (IE, Firefox, Opera & Safari) almost any browser today supports one or both of these.

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What is a PTZ Camera?

It is a Pan, Tilt & Zoom camera. This allows you to move and zoom the camera at will. A PTZ camera can be set to track  moving object across a surveillance area. Many PTZ cameras are available with HD sensors.

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What happens if the VPS is destroyed or stolen, can I see what happened?

All VPS Systems come with 1 year of On-Line Storage at a remote location. Within seconds of any event your pictures are uploaded to the remote storage, you can look at these images at anytime up to a month later. 

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Do I have to sign a contract to use the VPS System?

All VPS Systems come with 1 year of On-Line Storage at our location. After the 1 year period the image storage at our location will stop if not reordered. At any time the remote storage can be set to another location at no cost for the change.

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What is a Megapixel Camera?

The image sensors in CCTV cameras have a resolution up to 0.4 megapixel. Megapixel cameras have an image sensor with more than 1.0 megapixel. Megapixel sensors are only available in IP or network cameras, most have 1 - 5 Megapixel sensors. IP cameras also have a higher frame rate up 30fps.

hd cameras
Comparison of analog quality picture quality to digital 1.3 megapixel camera.

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Revised: 05/11/12