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VPS1500The ViewPoint Server (VPS) is a Hybrid DVR surveillance/messaging system, connect the power and the VPS attaches to your network with the built-in wireless adapter, checks for updates and configuration changes and starts monitoring cameras. It's that easy!!

To view live video or playback recorded video simply open a browser and connect to the VPSwith no ActiveX to install. You only need a browser that supports Java or JavaScript (ie, Firefox, Safari, Opera).

The ViewPoint Server supports most types of cameras, analog CCTV, network IP, megapixel, PTZ cameras and IP video encoders all at full resolution. Video devices may be attached and mixed as needed.

Live video can be viewed on most cell phones, and if you use a smart phone you can do much more.

iPhone AppWith our
iPhoneTM app you can view live video, playback captured video, and change most settings, you can also connect directly to most IP cameras.  


VPS AlertThe ViewPoint Server sends an email on detecting motion or optionally a text message (SMS) or can turn on lights and siren. The ViewPoint Server comes with SkypeTM loaded, by adding the optional microphone and speaker module you can communicate with the camera location via the internet from anywhere in the World.

Out of the box the ViewPoint Server stores images locally and to a remote location. With remote storage if the VPS is stolen or destroyed you still have the images. One year of remote storage on our servers is included with the purchase of any VPS System.  After one year you can choose to extend the storage on our servers or have the images sent to a different location.

The VPS System is administered and maintained via built-in web interface locally or remotely through a Secure VPN.

ViewPoint Server installations easily expand and all cameras can be viewed with one window.

NEW!! 1 Camera VPS 1501 Starter Kit with 540 line IR outdoor camera, power supplies, and 100ft cables. Call for more info.

VPS SolarNew!! Solar Power ViewPoint Server, VPS 2502 and 2 cameras are completely solar powered. We also have Solar powered cameras.

It is now possible to have Video Surveillance at almost any location with a ViewPoint Server, plus the Solar power option and a 4G modem. 

Axis P1344-e

Don't forget to look at our page on image quality, camera quality is very important!!
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Most DVRs only record, playback must be viewed on an attached monitor. With DVRs that do connect to the network, live video and playback can only be viewed after installing an ActiveX program on your PC, whether local or remote. On many DVRs you must also install management software on your network to control it (management is built into our ViewPoint Server interface).

Access to DVRs is blocked at Airport internet kiosk and Hotel Business Centers. ActiveX is blocked at these and many other locations.

DVRs only work with CCTV (analog) cameras, to use IP (network) cameras you must buy a Hybrid DVR system (these are more expensive $3000 - $5000). Our ViewPoint Server works with IP cameras out of the box and there is no extra license to buy.

Watching the playback can be very time consuming, most DVRs have limited motion detection and show everything. The systems that do use motion detection have few options and can be difficult to use, (find out more about our method of motion detection).

Expanding a DVR installation can be a difficult and expensive job. Each unit has its own interface and must run on different ports. They are completely separate units and are unaware of each other.
Standard on ViewPoint Hybrid Surveillance Server DVR

          Simultaneous Recording, Live view, Playback & Administration

          Unlimited Simultaneous playback sessions

          Recording based on Motion Detection

          Resolution up to camera's maximum resolution

          Fast Playback with Motion Detection based Recording

          Connect wirelessly to your LAN

          Connect to the internet

          Only need web browser with Java or JavaScript support

          Send text messages on events

          Send emails with images on events

          Send images to a remote location via ftp

          Perform Administration Remotely from anywhere

          View, Playback and Administer using only a web browser

          Multi-level access with unlimited users and passwords

          Works with network IP, megapixel, CCTV and PTZ cameras

          Intelligent Area Masking

          Scheduled activity

          Active Tracking (motion following) with PTZ cameras

          iPhone/iPad or iPod Touch viewing & playback

          Very Low Bandwidth MPEG & H-264

          Embed camera feeds into your web pages

          Evidence CD Creator

          Record audio with supported cameras

          Object counting virtual trip wire

          Motion Mapping

          Secure VPN included 1St year

          Camera feed remote web storage included 1st year

          Remote Admin by VPS support team- included 1st year

      Additionally ViewPoint options:

         Wireless IP, connect long distances up to 30 miles

         4G cell modem, connect to the internet most places

         Satellite modem, truly connect anywhere

         6 port i/o to turn on/off lights, sirens or open doors, gate etc..

         1-way or 2-way Audio

         Sensor data-logging

          Record & Playback

          Playback search limited, may need to watch whole day

          Few options for motion detection, if any

          Not all models connect to the internet

          Must install ActiveX app to watch

          May need to install management software on PC

          NO IP or Megapixel camera support on std DVR

          Will not work at internet Kiosk (ActiveX blocked)

         Will not work at Hotel Business Center (ActiveX blocked)

VPS2500Some company's idea of weather proof surveillance is a weather proof camera, but to us it means a Complete Weather Proof System. The ViewPoint VPS 2500 Surveillance System is built in a weather resistant housing designed for outdoor use and extreme environments. The ViewPoint Server 2500 is designed to operate in temperatures ranging from -30C to +60C (-22F to 140F) and can be mounted on a pole, side of a building, antenna mast, etc. The VPS 2500 has built-in wireless networking, optionally you can order 4G cell modem, WiMax or satellite modem. 

Solar powered systems now available, these can be installed almost anywhere!!

ViewPoint VPS 2500 Surveillance System supports up to 4 camera feeds simultaneously; analog cctv, network IP, megapixel and PTZ Cameras, which can be local or connected through the wireless network. PTZ cameras can also be set in an auto-tracking mode with the ViewPoint Server controlling the camera to track motion. Each camera feed is independent and can have its own control such as resolution, frame rates, sensitivity setting, masking, and separate alert setting. ViewPoint Server uses motion detection to detect and record actual motion events for reduced data storage. The system can be set to record images before and after each event for optimum reviewing and maximize data effectiveness.

Power options range from AC power, solar power or even wind power.

VPS Hi-Res 600 Line cameraDon't forget to look at our page on image quality, cameras are very important!!

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       For more information or a Demo of the Intelligent Surveillance System, Call us!!